Eastside Lodge Illinois Youth Deer Hunt 2016

Eastside Lodge Illinois Youth Deer Hunt 2016

It's nothing like a early season youth hunt to kick things off for the up coming deer season! Especially when you get the phone call to bring you son or daughter to a premier up and coming hunting lodge in Illinois along the Mississippi River!

  With a six hour drive me and my son were rolling in to Eastside Lodge for our first hunt of the year and what a hunting lodge to stay in, it was littered of a family hunting heritage that had hunted along the banks of the Mississippi River from years past. Pictures of successful hunts, mounts and buck sheds. Not to mention awesome food and accommodations.

  After getting settled in over the weekend we hunted standing corn, picked corn, soybeans, acorns, food plots and persimmon groves nestled in hardwood bottomland. But there was one problem it was hot with mosquitos along with piles of food for the deer. We saw deer every hunt from does to young bucks but the bigger deer were moving very little. I can only imagine what this place will be like as soon as the rut kicks off and the food starts to disappear and temps fall. But it was a awesome hunt regardless if we filled a buck tag or not!

  We don't measure our successes by whether we fill tags or not! Cause see we filled our tag, as we drove off my son was talking about all the stuff he experienced for the first time on his first trip to Illinois hunting and at the end of the conversation he said, I had a awesome time! That's what it's about getting your kids outdoors to experience the wonderful critters that roam the woods and thats when I knew it was a successful trip. So in my mind our tag was filled!

So thanks to Eastside Lodge for the the friendships that were made and memories with my son. My hats off to you guys if you are looking for a awesome waterfowl, deer or turkey hunt look them up they will go above and beyond!