About us

  Born and raised in Alabama, Lyle grew up chasing deer and turkeys along the banks of the Tombigbee River.  His father an avid outdoorsman and career forester taught him respect for the environment and its critters at a young age.  Lyle, himself a forester by trade, continues to use and build on that knowledge to produce the best  game calls.  As a professional turkey guide since the mid 1990s, Lyle saw a real need for quality game calls that would create the sounds and tones seasoned hunters were looking for, while also making game calls for the beginner callers to be able to learn and use.    

  Houndstooth Game Calls,  was born from the desire to build the best game calls in the outdoor industry using quality materials and consistent methods that hunters can depend on year after year launching the company in 2012.  These calls didn’t come without lots of trial and error.  Many late nights, piles of saw dust, scrapped pieces of wood, prophylactic and latex stretched by the hundreds,  mouth call tape stuck to everything, and friction surfaces of every type and thickness have gone into the calls you now see.  The quest for the perfect call with the realism of the wild turkey or a buck tending a doe, to the majestic bugle of a bull elk being designed into our game calls is always the ultimate goal. Realism is the driving force behind every call that Lyle and Houndstooth Game Calls produces.  Lyle thrives on building custom calls to meet the specific needs of the hunter, not many professional call makers will alter their own creations to satisfy that one customer, Lyle will.  He is a custom call maker by trade; appreciating and understanding the search for your perfect call.  Taking time for young hunters, teaching and listening are his most important qualities, making him a true steward to the outdoors and the industry.  Lyle’s best ideas and decisions are always made in the woods and through hunting experiences from years past.

Thank you for visiting Houndstooth Game Calls, contact us with any questions you have, happy hunting, and see you in the woods.