Houndstooth Pro Staff

Shine Cox - Brandon, MS 

Carlton Watt - Meridian, MS.

Chase Sparkman - Tuscaloosa, AL.

George Mayfield - Livingston, AL.  

Founder of the "Roost" hunting lodge Pickens County, AL..

Josh Hartley - Tuscaloosa, AL.

Justin Rogers - Morton, MS.

Founder and Owner of Bienville Outdoors they are a online supplier of trapping lures and is also founder of Old South Deer Lure.


Jason Cole - Tuscaloosa, AL

Dr. Warren Strickland - Huntsville, AL.

Dr. Tres Childs - Huntsville, AL.

Matt Persons - Macon, MS.

Walter Feild - Calyx, MS.  

Owner of Calyx Outfitters specializing in guided turkey hunts for the eastern species wild turkey!


Josh Hacker - Belmont, WV.